How I used a Hostess Milk Frother on the Cambridge Diet

We are always pleased to hear from customers about how they use Hostess products, and this one was a completely new use we had never thought of.

Hostess Milk Frother HM250SS

"After ages of wanting to lose weight I started the Cambridge Diet and had to drink the powder soups and shakes three times a day. The diet was going well but mixing the powder up with water was nightmare to get all the lumps out. I tried their shaker, whisking, beating and so on.

My husband joined me on the diet and he got fed up very quickly with making the shakes. He found the milk frother and we decided to give it a go.

When it arrived Matt went first, added the water and powder and switched on. We left it for the full time before pouring into a glass. Matt said bubblier than before and evenly mixed. So I had a go and thought it was much better than the drinks before.

We also discovered the heating function for soups. Pour in cold water, add the powder and press go. After the time is up, you have a hot well mixed soup for not extra effort! Brilliant.

I have to say, the milk frother made me continue with the diet to the end and enabled me to reach my target weight. I was getting fed up with the powdery residue at the bottom of the drinks which put me off.

Since finishing we have tried it with lots of other products too apart from milk, cup a soups and shakes. The frother has been used for mixing up sauces, gravy and even tried cocktails in it.

I thought I would pass on how much it has helped us lose weight, something we are very grateful for, and hope others will find this useful for weight loss, cocktails or just frothing milk!"



After receiving this email, we spoke to Jenny and she gave us this tips for using the Milk Frother.

Karl asked if we had any tips for the Milk Frother, so here they are.

  • Make sure the foamer or stirrer disc is in place before you start!
  • If making powdered shakes or soups add cold water first and then the powder. If you do it the other way the disc gets clogged up.
  • We preferred the foamer discs for soups and shakes.
  • 2 heat settings, Matt liked his soup on low heat and I liked mine of the hotter setting. Try both.
  • For gravy and sauces, start the frother and then add a teaspoon of granules at a time into the water at the edge, not the centre.
  • We washed ours out straight away rather than waited for dishwasher, as it got used up to seven times a day. Just fill with hot water and a blob of washing up liquid to soak, leave for a while (next time you want to use it) and then rinse.


PS I would also like to say the cocktails were after the diet!


Find out more about the Hostess Milk Frother.


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