Hostess Instruction Manuals

Lost an instruction manual for your Hostess?

Want to have a look at the instructions before you buy?

On this page are instruction manuals for Hostess Products from Hostess Trolleys to Wine Chillers and Cabinets.

Just find the product you need a manual for and download the PDF.

Wine Chillers

HW01MA Single Wine Chiller

HW02MA Double Wine Chiller

Wine Preserver

WP00RA Wine Preserver

Wine Cabinets

HW07MA - 7 Bottle Wine Cabinet

HW40RMA - 40 Bottle Wine Cabinet

HW46MA - 46 Bottle Wine Cabinet

Milk Frother

Milk Frother

Ice Maker

ICE01 Ice Maker

Hostess Trolley

Gourmet HL6244 Hostess Trolley

Gourmet HL6243 Hostess Trolley

Gourmet HL6242 Hostess Trolley

Gourmet HL6241 Hostess Trolley

Gourmet HL6240 Hostess Trolley

Maestro HL6236 Hostess Trolley

Connossieur HL6232 Hostess Trolley

Connossieur HL6200 Hostess Trolley

Hot Tray

HT6303 Hot Tray

HT6020 Hot Tray

HT4020 Hot Tray

Side Server

Cordon Bleu HO392 Side Server

Plate Warmer

Plate Warmer

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