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Hostess Wine Preserver WP00RA
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Opened a bottle of wine and not managed to finish it?

Like to have a couple of wines open to choose from?

Struggle to keep the wine at it's best, or shoving corks back in hoping that will do?

No longer with the Hostess Wine Preserver.

The Wine Preserver keeps opened wine in top condition by removing the air from the bottle and then sealing it. This stops the air which would have been in the bottle reacting with the wine and affecting it's taste.

The stoppers which go in the top of the bottles even have a date dial so you know how long the wine has been open.

The Hostess Wine Preserver

Hostess Wine Preserver WP00RA
The Hostess Wine Preserver WP01RA


Two Wine Stoppers with Date Dial
Seals Up to Forty bottles on a single charge
Easy to use rechargeable vacuum pump
Charging base with LED indicator so you know when the Preserver is ready
Mains adaptor included for easy charging

Delivery time 2 to 5 working days.


Spare Wine Preserver Stoppers

If you need spare wine preserver stoppers you can buy them in packs of 2 below.

Hostess Wine Preserver Stopper
Spare Bottle Stoppers
Add 2 <i>(1 Pack)</i> Wine Stopper to Basket
In Stock - Ready to Send
2 Stoppers (1 Pack): £15.99 

Add 4 <i>(2 Packs)</i> Wine Stoppers to Basket
In Stock - Ready to Send
4 Stoppers (2 Packs): £26.99 

Add 6 <i>(3 Packs)</i> Wine Stoppers to Basket
In Stock - Ready to Send
6 Stoppers (3 Packs): £38.99 

Delivery time 1 to 3 working days.
Also if you damage you wine preserver charger then you can buy a Spare Charger
Add 3 Wine Stoppers to Basket
In Stock
Spare Charger: £20.99 

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